What we do

If a woman never lets herself go, how will she know how far she might have got?/Germaine Greer

Our Offerings

We enable women to live and lead with their whole being. We do this by creating unique learning experiences that inspire and support women to discover and develop their highest potential.

Our solutions for organizations that want to realize the potential of their women employees.


Women entrepreneurs need to take ownership of their own development and overcome their biases.

Open Programs

Women benefit from networking with diverse women, building new connections and experience sharing.

GLOW Community Service

Pro Bono Mentoring girls from underprivileged homes


Our solutions for organizations that want to realize the potential of their women employees

The business case for women leadership

Research has proven beyond doubt that when organizations have supported a gender-balanced leadership; significant and measurable positive impact has been seen as a socio-economic level.

 Women tend to use 5 of the 9 types of leadership behaviors that improve organizational performance more often than men do… and therefore having a critical mass of women applying these leadership behaviors improves the organization’s performance on 5 dimensions.

 Business Performance and gender diversity.

Transformation can be a long journey, inspiration happens in an instant. At GLOW we offer different options for you to shift from awareness to action.
Immersion Programs


An intense and reflective 2.5-day residential program using the InSPIRE framework followed by peer and coaching support.


Impact Sessions


Short Duration sessions that can be delivered as 1 or half day sessions over a period of time to build critical skills.

  •   Negotiating for self.
  •   Influencing stakeholders.
  •   Building a leadership presence.
  •   Courageous Conversations.
  •   Networking for success.
  •   Developing my personal brand.
Inspiration Talks


A 45-60 minute talk on a specific theme. Some of the themes we have covered are

  •   Leading a well-balanced life.
  •   Dealing with unconscious bias.
  •   Building your personal brand.
  •   Emotional Resilience.
Mixed Group Sessions


These are sessions that reinforce a diverse and inclusive culture which is critical for women leaders to thrive and contribute in organizations.

  •   Identifying and dealing with Unconscious bias.
  •   Building an inclusive culture.
  •   Collaborative conversations in a diverse workplace.


  •   One on One coaching sessions.
  •   Peer group coaching sessions.


We offer facilitated workshops and coaching and support to entrepreneurs to help them cope with the challenges of starting and sustaining their business
Personal Leadership Sessions


  •   Creating a Vision and Mission for me and my business.
  •   Building my personal brand.
  •   Developing Leadership Presence.
  •   Creating my Relationship Network.
  •   Growing emotional resilience.
  •   Overcoming limiting mindsets.
  •   Leading a balanced life.
  •   Managing my energy.
Business Leadership Sessions


  •   Negotiating for win-win solutions.
  •   Communicating with confidence.
  •   Building successful teams.
  •   Influencing Others.
  •   Problem solving and decision making.
  •   Consultative Selling.
  •   Fundamentals of Marketing.
  •   Managing Time and Priorities.

Open Programs

Women benefit from networking with diverse women, building new connections and experience sharing

Our Open programs and retreats are for any woman who wants to invest in her growth and development.

Some of the themes for these programs are

  •   Managing transitions of Marriage, Motherhood and Menopause.
  •   Wholistic Leadership (based on the InSPIRE Model).
  •   Managing energies for Vitality.
  •   My Body and Me.
  •   Aligning the Masculine and Feminine.
  •   Discovering my Power and Purpose.

GLOW Community Service

We believe that giving back to the community is an important and meaningful aspect of our work. We offer short duration sessions and mentoring to youth and women from lower socio-economic backgrounds
GLOW Sessions


In collaboration with NGOs and agencies we facilitate the following:

  •   Gender Sensitization.
  •   Dealing with gender biases.
  •   Inspire Talks for women entrepreneurs and students.
GLOW Mentors


GLOW mentors are experienced men and women from different fields who wish to volunteer their time to mentor women from lower socio-economic backgrounds. There are many bright young girls who lack the support and guidance of an educated experienced person to help them make appropriate career and life choices.

  •   Under the GLOW Mentor program, we will provide inputs on mentoring and support in matching the mentor with a mentee.
  •   The mentoring support is required for young girls who need career guidance, spoken English skills, confidence building, motivation and a sounding board for their dreams and ideas.